Piercap Introduces M&A Snapshots


At PierCap Partners, we understand the value of M&A as a strategic growth tool. We also know that timing is just as essential as the actual execution. That is why we have launched a new series of monthly newsletters, M&A Snapshots, in order to share the very latest market data with business owners and others in our community who could benefit from a greater understanding of the current M&A climate.

There are myriad factors that go into evaluating dynamic market conditions and determining the viability of potential mergers and acquisition activities. The ideal timing is usually when the economic situation is favorable, buyers are active, internal conditions are suitable, valuations are strong, post-closing risk assumption is minimal and on-going employment agreements are favorable. Rather than keeping track of several macro and stock market indicators that affect the M&A market, we have engineered our proprietary middle-market M&A Index into one easy-to-digest chart that lets readers see and understand where we stand right now.

We all know M&A comes in cycles and our proprietary index demonstrates how the current level of activity compares to the last boom-and-bust phase, providing simple, but important, insights that put the raw data into more meaningful context.

Each month, our M&A Snapshots show current activity and key valuations on an overall basis, as well as broken out by key industry sectors. These charts also compare current data with high and low values since 2006, enabling readers to very quickly and easily grasp key takeaways and know if overall conditions are favorable with their company’s growth strategy.

Additionally, our newsletter includes our favorite transactions of the month, across different market sectors, in order to 1) highlight who is buying at what level, and 2) to understand what are some current trends in agreement terms in M&A transactions.

Our monthly M&A Snapshots are designed to provide you with quick, meaningful insights about the M&A market within just a couple of minutes. If you are thinking of acquiring or selling your business in the near future, we encourage you reach out to us for our complimentary custom report and assessment to better understand the depth of market conditions, all key value drivers and suitable options.

We look forward to sharing our market insights with you each month and wish you success in this exciting and dynamic market.