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PierCap Partners is a premier mergers & acquisitions (M&A) investment banking firm. We specialize in creating value through acquisitions and partial or full sale of ownership interest for the best possible combination of price, terms and strategic fit.

We are former business owners and operators with a unique mix of deal-making know-how and practical, real-world experiences. Our solutions are driven by a confidential, market-clearing process, and a passion for helping you achieve both business and personal goals.

Public & Privately-held businesses

$10 - $250 million in revenues

Southern California

The tenacity and loyalty of our attention is our trademark. Every aspect of our approach is driven by the belief that 99% of success is execution. Therefore, we are serious about transparency and pride ourselves in a controlled process that achieves growth, maximizes value, and ensures your transaction crosses the finish line. All the while, we are steadfast in safeguarding confidentiality and avoiding disruptions, deal failures, and loss of trust. For the same reasons, we only work with clients with impeccable business integrity.




financial advisory


  • Acquisitions
  • Management buy-outs

M&A is an effective growth tool, where the synergies create a more valuable combined company than the sum of its parts. We work with the owners and management teams to capture consolidation opportunities within the industry, which includes screening acquisition candidates, confidentially contacting potential sellers, assessing operating and financial synergies, negotiating, and structuring the components of the transaction. We even arrange for required financing to bring the transaction to fruition.

To learn more about acquisition opportunities or assess potential synergistic benefits, please contact us for a personal consultation.

  • Full ownership interest sale
  • Partial ownership interest sale
  • Divestitures

We understand the sale of a business can be a very personal decision with many considerations to keep in mind. Divesting of your greatest asset, built over many years, is not an easy decision and we at PierCap Partners treat these transactions with the respect, sensitivity and confidentiality required to meet the needs and expectations of today’s entrepreneurs.

We work with our clients to determine whether a more targeted VIP process is preferable or whether a broad open auction is the best process. As we work through all phases of the process, we provide valuation analysis, evaluate strategic assessments, assemble and access potential buyers, build descriptive memorandum and management presentations, and counsel clients on due diligence, best-suited transaction terms, negotiations, and closing documentation.

Whether you have received an unsolicited offer, are thinking of taking some chips of the table, or are ready to switch gears and become a full-time golfer, we can arm you with the knowledge you need to make the best decisions for your future. Call us today to get started.

  • Business Valuation
  • Strategic Assessment

We conduct valuations for owners, board of directors, or other parties. We also work with entrepreneurs and management teams to evaluate their strategic alternatives, providing extremely detailed and clear analysis of each option–raising capital, minority or majority sale, financial restructuring, or status quo – in order to help inform the best options for the given situation. We work diligently to implement the ideal strategy and deliver optimal results for our clients, every time.

Not sure what your business is worth or the best strategic alternative for your current situation? Connect with us for a personal consultation.

Our Experience

Our leaders, with more than 35 years of combined experiences, have worked with many companies, while at and prior to establishing PierCap Partners, with transaction values exceeding $2 billion – leading buy, sell and integration aspects across all transactions.

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